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Install Staples Right

Installing staples has never been an easy task. We believe installing them right is important for quality and safety reasons. Don't jeopardize your reputation by taking short cuts to install staples. We have multiple options to save you time, money and your reputation. 

5 Reasons to Purchase Staple Ease™ For Your Business

  1. POSITIVELY impact your bottom line by reducing worker fatigue, improving productivity and efficiency and getting jobs done faster

  2. Staple Pro™ and Irrigation Pro™  Drivers use standard 11-gauge steel staples you're already using on job sites. No expensive proprietary staples to buy.

  3. Pay for the tool in 3 or 4 days of using it with Labor Savings

  4. Leave a better quality job site behind by installing staples properly

  5. Secure more jobs by reducing labor costs, doing better quality work and being able to offer a more competitive bid

Staple Ease™ driver easily installs staples without having to hammer on your knees.

  • Install staples properly leaving a quality installation and safe jobsite behind.

  • Durable tool for use season after season

  • Save time and labor costs by installing staples 2 to 4 times faster!

  • Staple Pro™ Driver, Irrigation Pro™ Driver and Wire Pro™ Driver work on 4", 6" and 8" 11-gauge steel staples

  • Bio Pro™ Driver works on Ecoturf 4" and 6" Ecoduty and Superduty biodegradable stakes

  • Interchangeable feet makes it versatile tool for all types of ground conditions and installations

  • Made entirely in the U.S.A.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call: (630)350-9500


Looking for an Autoload Option? Ecoturf Recommends Staple Wasp

Ecoturf has partnered with Staple Wasp to provide as many options to contractors to have the tools they need to complete jobs faster with better quality.

Our goal is to have staples installed properly, and using a staple installation tool versus stepping on them is the standard we are working to establish.


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