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Staple Ease

Use the EZ Load Staple bag to load up to 75 steel and 50 biodegradable staples for fast, easy loading of your Staple Ease driver. 

Interested in learning more? Give us a call: (630)350-9518

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same driver for both metal and biodegradable stakes by changing the feet?

No. Unfortunately, in order for the stake installation to get done properly, to reduce instances of breakage and prevent jamming, there are separate drivers - Staple Pro™ Driver, Irrigation Pro™ Driver and Wire Pro™ Driver work with Standard 11-gauge staples (4in. - 8in.).  Bio Pro™ Driver works with Ecoturf Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes


Do I have to load a staple each time I install one?

Yes. This allows you to use any manufacturer's 11-gauge staple from 4" to 8" in length. Cartridge staples are thinner (13-gauge), can break apart easily, have limited manufacturers and supply, and very, very expensive (up to four times as much as standard staples). With Staple Ease's easy-load system, inserting a staple is fast and by the time you take a few steps to drive another staple into the ground, you've already loaded it! Here are compatible staples:









Which foot comes with the driver?

The Staple Pro™ Driver includes the standard foot. The Irrigation Pro™ Driver includes the irrigation foot, and the Bio Pro™ Driver includes the standard bio foot.  You can purchase additional feet separately. 

Can I use other biodegradable stakes in the Bio Driver?

No. The only stakes that work in the driver are Ecoturf Ecoduty 4" and 6" and 6" biodegradable stakes. When Staple Ease™ was invented, other bio-versions were considered and even tried, but none of them functioned well enough to be reliably used by contractors. Only Ecoturf's biodegradable stakes performed well enough in the field, and the design of the Bio Pro™ Driver was made to work with Ecoturf's stakes.





How can I get one?

Here is a list of dealers that either have stock or can order one for your. The drivers are also available online at or by calling (630) 350-9518


If you wish to carry Staple Ease™ as distributor, contact us for pricing and to setup a wholesale account. 

Standard Feet for Blanket Installation. Green for Bio Pro Driver. Orange for Staple Pro Driver. The orange Standard foot is compatible with the Irrigation Pro Driver and can be purchased as an accessory or replacement.

Irrigation Foot that is included on the Irrigation Pro Driver. It is also available to purchase as an accessory and is compatible with the Staple Pro Driver.

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