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Pop it. Plant it. Hang it! Grow like a pro with this innovative hanging basket with removable panels to allow you to plant not just the top but around the sides as well! With 6 side planting locations, grow the biggest baskets in town. Each set comes with two planters, two zinc-plated chain and instructions. These planters are great for annuals, herbs, veggies and more! Tap into your green thumb and create a booming, beautiful basket. With a 1" reservoir, excess water is stored away from the roots to prevent root rot but also provide extra irrigation. Made in U.S.A


  • For Growing Hanging Strawberries, Veggies, Herbs, and Flowers with Big Results
  • Side Planting For A Fuller Balanced Basket and Up To 6 Times More Plants - Keeps Your Garden Away From All The Ground Pests
  • Simple: Plant it. Pop It. Hang It. - Tabs Pop In To Secure The Plants In Place.
  • Durable And Made To Last - Stop Replacing Straw Planters Every Year
  • Used By Both Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners; Color: Stone / Diameter: 12" / Vol: 7.5 Quarts Per Planter / Depth: 6"; Made In USA

Ultimate Hanging Basket (2-Pack)

SKU: P-241
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