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TreeDiaper is a TREE WATERING BAG UPGRADE. Traditional tree watering bags release water at much higher rate than a tree needs and will release water when it rains too! This is highly inefficient and will waste incredible amounts of precious water, time and money. TreeDiaper is a smart irrigation system for trees that focuses on maintaining healthy soil moisture levels by releasing water slowly and only when the ground is dryer than the TreeDiaper. This means a huge reduction in time, money and water in not having to refill the TreeDiaper like traditional tree bags. TreeDiaper also insulates the soil and root system from extreme weather conditions, uses rain and snow to recharge and can go weeks, months or longer without having to refill or maintain it! It's a true game-changer for those who have newly planted trees. Free up time, save money and most importantly help save the environment by efficient, minimal water usage to promote healthy tree growth. 36" size for up to 3" caliper trees.


  • For up to 3" caliper trees - Uses 99% LESS WATER than traditional tree bag over the course of 1 season!
  • Cover with mulch to help keep soil moisture levels at optimum levels, while reducing evaporation, providing insulation to the root system and keeping the TreeDiaper from getting stolen!
  • TreeDiaper can function without refilling with as little as 1 inch of rainwater per month. You could go months or years without refilling!
  • TreeDiaper promotes healthy root growth by providing a bed of hydrated soil 12 inches deep around the tree, encouraging roots to grow outward and establish the tree quicker.
  • TreeDiaper has a weed barrier top to eliminate plants and weeds growing around the root system that normally steal water, oxygen and nutrients. This allows for less water to be used.

TreeDiaper 36" Smart Watering Mats for 3" Caliper Trees

SKU: TD-36-1
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