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TreeDiaper® Smart 30-day Watering Mat, once charged, will irrigate for a minimum of 30-days before needing recharging with water and fills itself up with rainwater. Save water and travel with peace of mind by having TreeDiaper® take care of watering your investment in your tomato plants, pepper plants, perennials, annuals, and more. Great for garden beds, gardens or large containers. Soak it, set it and forget it for 30 days or more. Conserve water and grow happy, healthy plants! Made in U.S.A.


  • Soil Moisture Stabilizer - prevents soils from getting too wet (root rot) or too dry (tree suffering). Soil will remain at a healthy, moist level for the plant or sapling to thrive. If the soil seems too dry, look at how the plant is doing or use a moisture meter to measure. A rating from 3 to 8 (out of 10) is ideal for plants and trees to thrive!
  • Food Safe Irrigation System that REFILLS with rainwater. With 1" of rain every 30 days, TreeDiaper® will have enough water to irrigate indefinitely
  • Weed barrier top suppresses weeds and other plant life from utilizing water needed by your plants
  • 3 year life span - use year after year to grow tomatoes, veggies, herbs, perennials, annuals in a garden, garden bed or large 16" or 18" container; larger sizes available for trees. Do not use this size on anything other than saplings for trees unless in a container. This size is for large containers, garden bed plants and rose bushes.
  • To Charge, Soak for 3-5 hours, Water the plant once, and then Set it and Forget it for 30 days or more. TreeDiaper® saves you water, stress and frees you up to travel without having to worry about your plants survival!

TreeDiaper 18" Smart Watering Mat for up to 0.75" Caliper Trees - Large Planters

$29.99 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price
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