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Plant. Stack. Enjoy! Never has it been easier to create a vertical garden with these Stackable Planters. These patented stackable pots are great for the beginner and versatile enough for the professional gardener. Equipped to handle standard planting but designed with the ability to create vertical farms and hydroponic planters. Stack 3, 5 or up to 10. 10" tray is available for the smaller planter only. Available in 13" size and 18" size in Stone (off white) and Terracotta. 

  • 4 planting locations per pot
  • Self-watering tiers. Water the top and the lower planters automatically get watered!
  • Turn each planter 45 degrees to stack on the one below it. Plant only in the clovers, leaving the center area of each pot open for stacking. 
  • Center hole for pipe to go through for taller towers or to run an irrigation line
  • Made in U.S.A.!

Stackable Flower Pots

SKU: P-325
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