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TreeDiaper is now available in smaller sizes for bushes, shrubs and containers! Go weeks to months before needing to water your plants and containers. 

Go on vacation or manage your logistics easier using TreeDiaper to "plant-sit" and handle the watering duties. Conserve water and protect your plants with minimal effort. Place a TreeDiaper in your containers!


Reduce your maintenance budget by 75% or more by installing varieties of TreeDiaper on your indoor or outdoor commercial plants. 

Indoors, TreeDiaper can last UP TO 90 DAYS before needing water. Instead of weekly watering, swap out a TreeDiaper every 60 - 90 days. Use a soil moisture meter to spot check monthly, while watering some of the plantings that don't use TreeDiaper.

TreeDiaper not a solution for a specific plant. Root Flow might be! Learn more here.

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