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TreeDiaper is a TREE WATERING BAG UPGRADE. Use the 12 inch size to water your indoor or outdoor containers! Go up to 60-days indoors before needing to resoak the mats. Travel with ease, not worrying about watering your plants with TreeDiaper installed. In order for the mats to work in containers, an absorbent medium should be used in the container such as potting soil. Many times, containers come with very porous media (when you water it, it drains right through the bottom is an instant indicator of an incompatible medium). The polymers inside the mats will absorb excess water and slowly release it as the soil beneath it dries. Great for indoor or outdoor containers! For outdoor use, the mats will refill with any rainwater. 


  • For up to 10 - 14" (up to 7 gallon) containers - Uses 99% LESS WATER than traditional tree bag over the course of 1 season! NOTE: Do NOT use for in-ground irrigation
  • Cover with decorative moss or mulch to help keep soil moisture levels at optimum levels, while reducing evaporation, providing insulation to the root system 
  • TreeDiaper can function without refilling with as little as 1 inch of rainwater per month. You could go months or years without refilling!
  • TreeDiaper promotes healthy root growth and prevents over and under watering. 
  • TreeDiaper has a weed barrier top to eliminate plants and weeds growing around the root system that normally steal water, oxygen and nutrients. This allows for less water to be used.

12" TreeDiaper Smart Watering Mat for 10 - 14"Containers

$29.99 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price
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